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JS&S, Beldray, and Loveridge items appear regularly on eBay with JS&S items found most often and Loveridge the least often of the three.  In fact, the supply of available items has grown substantially in recent years, particularly for JS&S and Beldray.

Due to the increasing supply, price trends have been on the down side, particularly for the most common items such as jugs, trays and tea caddies.  Even with the English Pound's significant increase in value relative to the U.S. dollar, prices have still trended lower.  The main cause for this appears to be the increasing supply of such items seen on eBay.  For example, several years ago, larger (4 and 6 pints) ornate JS&S jugs would occasionally sell for as high as (U.S.) $200.  As of early 2004, it is unusual for any one jug to sell for more than $100 and most sell for less.  JS&S water cans will often sell in the (U.S.) $100 to $300 range, especially for the larger or more ornate designs.  Ornate brass or copper JS&S tankards are rarely seen and are likely to fetch well above (U.S.) $100. 

It is not unusual to find unmarked JS&S items.  Most sellers of unmarked JS&S items are unaware of the JS&S origin.  Typical unmarked JS&S items include coal boxes (often identified as scuttles), fireplace fenders, photo frames, desk (notes) and bridge pads, and finger plates.  Coal boxes (in the boxy scuttle shape) have sold on eBay for (U.S.) $100 to $300 with the plain hammered designs on the low side and the more ornate designs in better condition on the higher side.  There are many (some probably unmarked) JS&S items that would likely fetch prices in the (U.S.) $100's if offered on eBay.  These include Waterloo coal scoops, coal boxes (round, rectangular, square), fire guards, and umbrella stands such as those pictured in a JS&S catalog

As with JS&S, Beldray jugs, trays, crumb sets, crumb scoops, jardinieres, tazzas, and vases have trended down in price as the supply found on eBay has grown.  Beldray items not seen often and, therefore, likely to sell in the (U.S.) $100's include copper clocks, letter stands, spirit kettles, and ink stands.  There is not much buyer interest in smokers' stands (some of which are quite ornate) and ash trays and such items fetch low prices.  Sellers will often call ash trays as bowls or just "trays" for this reason.   

Not many Loveridge items are seen on eBay.  Most items will sell in the price range of (U.S.) $50 to $200.  Loveridge items likely to sell for more include spirit kettles and large copper planters (jardinieres) with cast iron legs.  Some Loveridge items sold on eBay are not identified as such since not all sellers are familiar with the Loveridge maker's mark. 

Most buyers of JS&S, Beldray, and Loveridge items appears to be collectors of Arts & Crafts-style antiques.  There appear to be only a handful of buyers who actually specialize in collecting the products of the individual makers themselves.  JS&S and Beldray items are generally offered by U.K. and Australian sellers.  Bargains are more often had from the Australian sellers due to a favorable conversion rate (although not as good as it used to be) and somewhat more reasonable shipping costs (for shipment to the U.S.).  U.K. sellers suffer from the double whammy of higher conversion rates and absurdly high shipping costs (for shipment to the U.S.).  U.S. sellers of JS&S and Beldray sometimes receive a better price for their wares (probably due to the easier and cheaper shipping), but U.S. sellers sometimes overprice their items and find little interest.  Most Loveridge items are offered by U.K. sellers.   

This page was last updated on May 25, 2004.

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